HyperSpy API is changing in version 2.0, see the release notes!


GitHub Workflows#

GitHub workflows are used to:

  • run the test suite

  • build packages and upload to pypi and GitHub release

  • build the documentation and check the links (external and cross-references)

Some of these workflow need to access GitHub “secrets”, which are private to the HyperSpy repository, in order to be able to upload to pypi or the GITHUB_TOKEN to push code to the other branches. To reduce the risk that these “secrets” are made accessible publicly, for example, through the injection of malicious code by third parties in one of the GitHub workflows used in the HyperSpy organisation, the third party actions (those that are not provided by established trusted parties) are pinned to the SHA of a specific commit, which is trusted not to contain malicious code.

Updating GitHub Actions#

The workflows in the HyperSpy repository use GitHub actions provided by established trusted parties and third parties. They are updated regularly by the dependabot in pull requests.

When updating a third party action, the action has to be pinned using the SHA of the commit of the updated version and the corresponding code changes will need to be reviewed to verify that it doesn’t include malicious code.