hyperspy package



Module contents

HyperSpy: a multi-dimensional data analysis package for Python

Documentation is available in the docstrings and online at https://hyperspy.org/hyperspy-doc/current/index.html.

All public packages, functions and classes are in api. All other packages and modules are for internal consumption and should not be needed for data analysis.

When starting HyperSpy using the hyperspy script (e.g. by executing hyperspy in a console, using the context menu entries or using the links in the Start Menu, the api package is imported in the user namespace as hs, i.e. by executing the following:

>>> import hyperspy.api as hs

(Note that code snippets are indicated by three greater-than signs)

We recommend to import the HyperSpy API as above also when doing it manually. The docstring examples assume that hyperspy.api has been imported as hs, numpy as np and matplotlib.pyplot as plt.

More details in the api docstring.